5 Apps To Monitor Your Health

smartphone-health-care-appsToday monitoring your health has become as easy as browsing on the Internet because of the huge numbers of health apps that are available. These medical and health apps will take only a few minutes for downloading and these are usually quite affordable, costing only a couple of dollars at the most. There is such a wide range of mobile apps to monitor your health these days that keeping a track on your weight or blood pressure or diabetes has become a cakewalk. For instance, now you can use an app for recording the distance you have covered on the treadmill. Mobile apps for health are very beneficial because they help you care for yourself better. You can check out the features and effectiveness of some of these apps discussed below.

  1. BP Monitor: This helps to keep a check on health statistics like the blood pressure, heart rate and weight. The app costs less than a dollar and has been in the market since March 2011. With this app, you can monitor toy vital health signs. You can use it for monitoring the health of other family members too since it can record vital signs of more than one person. You can put in the systolic and diastolic values and then the monitor will plot how these values are changing over time. The stats will be shown in the form of graphs and colored charts so that you can interpret it easily. Incidentally, this monitor can also churn out reports which you can send through emails to your physician for a review.
  2. Gazelle GPS Cardiovascular Workout Tracker: The Gazelle uses the iPhone’s GPS tracker to track your progress during workouts and is particularly useful for those undergoing physiotherapy. When you exercise, the phone is generally kept aside and this may make it hard to interact with its screen. However, with this app, the whole screen functions as one button for starting, stopping or reading your stats. The app will announce the stats at set times or distances and you can even customize this feature. All data collected can be exported onto a spreadsheet and then e-mailed to your doctor.
  3. Fooducate: It helps the consumers to get complete nutritional information about all grocery items. This app comes without any charge and was introduced in 2011. It scans an item at any store and declares its nutritional value. This app helps to simplify data which is government-mandated into handy information which is beneficial for the consumer. For instance, it will tell you about excessive sugar content, additives or preservatives and hidden trans fats in the product. The app will also keep a record of all product scans and this may be used for discussion with your dietician.

Glucose Buddy: It is needed for diabetes management. Diabetics can use this on their iPhone and manually type in glucose numbers, insulin dosages, carb consumption and activities. They can view trends and accordingly adjust their diets and medicines to control diabetes better.

C25K: This app is designed to make you a competitor from a couch potato. The workouts are primarily timed running periods interspersed with walking intervals. This app informs you when to make the switch to walking from running. You can also maintain a workout journal and track pace and distance when you are outdoors by using the GPS.

These are some important medical apps that can help you lead a fitter and healthier existence by monitoring your vital health signs.