7 Foods That Cleanse Your Liver And Promote Weight Loss

greenteaThe liver performs a very important function of expelling the toxins from our body. The foods we eat, the impurities absorbed by the skin and the lungs contain some inherent toxins which need to be removed. The liver performs the most vital aspect of removing these toxins. The liver secretes bile, which helps in the breakdown and assimilation of fat and protein. Hence the need to detoxify the liver to ensure that your metabolism is fit and fine. Eliminating the toxins from your body is the first step towards reaching your weight loss goal.

Some foods when eaten as a part of your daily diet have tremendous results in cleansing the liver. Listed below are a few such foods.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is the best liver cleansing tonic and helps to prevent toxic build up. The catechins contained in green tea prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver and helps the liver to function effectively. Green tea also has fat burning properties proving to be a natural and effective weight loss supplement.

2. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables eaten in any form; raw, juiced or cooked are excellent liver cleansing agents. These vegetables are high in chlorophyll content and help to remove the toxins from the liver. Leafy vegetables also help to neutralize the effects of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals which find a route into our body. Thus they prove to the liver’s protective charm.

3. Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts have fat burning property making them an ideal choice for weight watchers. Eating these vegetables also increase the natural enzymes in the body which helps to flush out the toxins and carcinogens thus cleaning the liver and helping with weight loss.

4. Avocados

Avocado contains unsaturated healthy fats which help to lower the levels of cholesterol. They also help to produce glutathione, which helps the liver to expel the harmful toxins.

5. Turmeric

Curcumin present in turmeric helps in metabolizing fat and offers help in weight management. It is a natural liver detoxifier. Add a pinch of turmeric to your lentil soup and keep your liver in sound health. Turmeric has indeed been found effective in promoting belly fat loss.

6. Garlic

While eating garlic can put people off, it can also help to keep off toxins from your liver. Garlic contains high amount of allicin and selenium which help in liver cleansing. Garlic also activates the liver enzymes so that the liver is better equipped to flush out the toxins.

7. Grapefruit

Being rich in vitamin C, grapefruit helps to enhance the liver’s natural cleansing process. The juice of grapefruit helps to boost the production of the detox enzymes, thus helping to cleanse the liver effectively.

Other foods which help to cleanse the liver include walnuts, apples, carrot, beet and lemon. Junk foods take a toll on the liver. Hence avoid these foods so that the liver can function efficiently and help to flush out the toxins from your body and promote healthy weight loss.