Benefits Of Pre And Post Workout Nutrition

8f33d93ab876fad0eb650645c532a50aWhile it is not recommended to be on full stomach before workout, it is necessary that you eat food that provides a source of energy to perform the workouts. You definitely are going to need a good amount of energy if you have to carry on with a high intensity workout session. So, eat the right pre workout foods to gain adequate nutrition.

Just as pre workout nutrition is essential, post work out nutrition is all the more important to ensure that all muscle damage and repair is immediately taken care of. Most of us give due importance to post workout nutrition. Eating your post workout meal immediately after the workout session provides the body with the much needed energy. It is to be noted that you need to also give priority to pre workout nutrition.

Benefits of pre workout nutrition

Ideally, a pre work out meal should consist of protein, carbs and healthy fats. The energy required to perform workouts comes from the intake of carbs and healthy fats which provide a source of instant energy.

  • Having proper nutrition before your workout keeps you active. Hunger plummets your blood glucose levels and you will feel dizzy and light headed. Eating carbs gives you the energy and also maintains your blood glucose levels.
  • Protein helps to build and save muscle. Larger muscle groups are worked out and it is very essential that you eat good quality protein which helps to save on the lean muscle mass while working out.

You can either design your pre workout meal to include the essentials or choose one of the pre formulated energy foods.

Benefits of post workout nutrition

Exercise depletes the body of energy stores and hence the need to replenish the same after your workout session. A right diet helps to repair the muscles and aid their recovery post the strenuous workout sessions.

  • A post workout meal high in carbs helps in replenishing the energy stores as well as helping to repair the muscles. It helps to increase glycogen reserves. Larger carb intake will increase insulin secretion and help in speedy repair of muscle tissue.
  • Post exercise the rate of protein breakdown is high. So it is essential to replenish the same in the form of higher protein intake. So, post workout nutrition must be high in carbs and protein and must be fat free. Intake of protein foods post workout helps in protein synthesis.
  • Hydration is essential post workout. Protein drinks, fruit juices, water help to replace the electrolyte and water loss as you sweat while you workout.

Both pre and post workout nutrition need to be attached due importance. The effectiveness of your workout is aided by proper diet which provides the energy source.

Many people commit the mistake of being on empty stomach before workout which is very wrong. To attain fat loss and gain muscle through workout, you must eat a nutritionally planned pre workout meal.

The right diet and structured workouts go hand in hand and complement each other in helping you to lose weight and attain fitness.