Best Exercises to Lose Love Handles

love-handles-workoutLove handles are the unsightly flabby skin that is observed at both sides of the abdomen. The fat that settles here is obstinate and just does not get away easily. Love handles are common to all types of people and are not confined to people who are inactive. Incorporating certain changes in one’s lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise will help lose love handles as quick as possible. Since they are majorly a fat deposition it is understood that you keep away from fatty foods and work out the area to get rid of them at the earliest. Let us discuss some best exercises that will help you lose love handles at a fast rate.

Side crunches

Lie supine on floor with knees bent. Keep your feet slightly away from your butts. Interlock your fingers behind your head and slowly raise your torso while keeping your chin tucked into your chest. As you raise exhale and touch the right knee with your left elbow. Inhale and get back to the supine position. Likewise, repeat the same action but this time touch the left knee with right elbow.

Side bends with dumbbells

When you add resistance to side bending exercises the results will be effective. Just supplement your side bend exercise with a dumbbell. Stand on your feet at hip width apart. Let your left hand clutch a dumbbell and place your right palm behind your head. Now slightly bend towards your left along with the dumbbell twisting the torso near the waist. While bending down breathe in and when you come up breathe out. Ensure that you do not bend the knees while performing this exercise.

Ball push ups

Take a push up position. Place both the feet over a fitness ball while maintaining the push up position. Transfer all your body weight over your hands and lower you body as you do in a push up workout. Go back to the original position. Repeat this for 20 or 30 times.


Sit on the floor with knees bent. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Gradually lean back and stretch your arms at the front keeping them at 90 degree angle against the floor. Your palms should face down while you extend your arms. Now gradually lift your feet off the floor so that the thighs are at 90 degrees angle against the floor. Try to map out the letter “U” with the knees and while doing this let both the knees touch each other closely side to side. Replicate this exercise for about 20 times.

Heel taps

Lie back with the knees bent on the floor. Keep your feet fixed flat a foot away from the buttocks on the floor. Rest your hands on the side. Now by slightly bending the torso touch your right heel with your right palm and get back to the original position. Perform the same action for the other side. You can perform 20 reps and repeat the set for 2 or 3 times.

Oblique V-ups

Lie on your right side by supporting the raised head with right hand. Slowly lift your left leg up in the air so that it makes 30 degree angle against your right leg. Lower the leg to the starting position. Perform 20 reps. Alter the side and perform the same exercise for the other side.