How Green Tea Helps You To Lose Weight

470_2625454Weight loss is highly sought by people all over the world. With the advent of internet and various educational health information going rounds, people prefer to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. They are on the constant lookout for solutions that do not involve unnatural or chemical compounds to lose weight. Hence, they go for diet foods that are organic and do not offer any side effects in the long run. One such effective organic weight loss ingredient that is widely consumed by people all across the globe is Green Tea. In what way green tea accentuates weight loss? Let us know the facts.

Benefits associated with Green Tea

Green tea when taken in recommended quantities and time can offer you great health benefits. Green tea is very effective in dissolving the cholesterol in the body and thus provides a healthy heart. The antimicrobial properties of Green tea prevent you from the attacks of bacterial and viral infections and thus stabilize your immune system. The polyphenol contained in green tea is found to ease rheumatoid arthritis. Green tea is also said to be a rich source of antioxidants which relieves stress and prevents free radical damage.

Weight loss benefits of Green Tea

Dissolves cholesterols: Green tea is greatly associated with weight loss mainly due to its component catechin polyphenols. The food we eat is split into triglycerides in the stomach as well as liver during the digestive process. The triglycerides are transformed into energy and gets into different body tissues through blood. Adequate quantities of triglycerides are rather helpful for stable energy supply to the body throughout the day. Excess of triglycerides are converted into fat and settles in different body parts. As said earlier, catechin polyphenols have the tendency of melting the triglycerides and thus regulate their levels. This prevents obesity.

Enhances metabolism: Green tea does not stop its weight loss wonders with dissolving the fat alone, it also enhances the metabolism.  Epigallocatechin gallate, which is a component of catechin polyphenols, is responsible for enhancing the metabolic process. Epigallocatechin gallate joins hands with the caffeine contained in green tea and takes full control of metabolizing the fat in the central nervous system and converts it to energy. This helps in eliminating fat reserves in the body thus promoting a healthy and fat free body. This process of eliminating excess fat is termed as thermogenesis. The extra energy derived can be utilized for performing various activities throughout the day,

Green tea supplements

Besides having green tea as a cup of tea you can also have it in form of pills. Diet market is filled with new arrivals of green tea supplements. Some of the supplements contain 100% green tea extracts and some include other weight loss ingredients like chromium. Taking this combination of weight loss supplement offers better weight loss results comparatively. One must check the label in the green tea supplement for the content of catechin polyphenols which is the major weight loss ingredient of green tea. Consuming 100mgs of catechin polyphenols twice a day is equivalent to drinking two cups of green tea a day. These pills efficiently serve as a substitute for real green tea.