How To Gain Muscle If You Are a Vegan

train-muscle-gain-body-buildingGaining muscle can be a very difficult task especially if you are a vegan. Experts and nutritionists have highlighted the problems involved in following a vegan diet especially with regard to depriving the body of essential components and most importantly, protein. Protein as we all know is a pre-requisite for gaining and maintaining proper muscle mass. Muscle mass is very important as it keeps the body from gaining weight and burns fat and calories in a powerful manner. How can you actually gain muscle if you are a vegan? Is this possible? Experts seem to think that it is possible provided you consume the right kind of food items.

Why protein is important for your body

If you want to maintain and build muscle, you should be consuming a minimum of 1 gram of protein for every pound of your total body weight each day. This works to two hundred grams of protein on a daily basis if you have an overall weight of 200 pounds. This can only be accomplished if you consume a whole protein source item with each and every meal on a regular basis. You can do this without the presence of any animal products but you have to be fastidious about keeping consumption percentages intact if you are to think of building muscle properly.

The problems involved in following a vegan diet plan

Vegan diets usually do away with animal protein by all means and even eggs and dairy products in most cases. According to many people, these diet plans make for a considerably healthier option owing to their high fruit and vegetable content. However, there are many problems associated with vegan diets. Muscle mass and overall strength is often associated with saturated fat and good cholesterol which is mainly found in animal protein based foods. Alongside, excessive consumption of protein substitutes like soy can lead to infertility.

If you need a certain amount of daily calories to stay healthy, the absence of animal protein usually equates to greater carbohydrate consumption, which in turn, leads to excessive fat gain. Alongside, vegan diets have been seen to cause acne, digestion related problems and other disorders as well.

Some potent sources of protein for vegans and vegetarians

Vegetarians and vegans mostly have some potent protein sources to fall back upon if they are to gain muscle mass. These include cottage cheese, eggs if applicable, whey and milk. You should also consume all varieties of beans including fava, lima, black, kidney, garbanzo, winged and hummus beans along with peanut butter, lentils, peanuts and peas in appropriate amounts. Always try to stock up on sesame, flax, pumpkin and hemp seeds along with cashews, walnuts, almonds and pistachios. Milk is a must have in all its varieties, namely, soy milk, pure milk and almond milk.

Soy beans, soy cheese, tofu and other dishes are also muscle mass builders. Brown rice, broccoli, granola, quinoa, kale, oats, asparagus, collard greens and spinach are good muscle mass foods too. Sometimes, protein powders are also good solutions provided the efficacy of the same is beyond doubt.