How To Lose 20 Pounds Fast

Lose-20-PoundsHave you ever pondered about how people gain weight? If you consider different factors that influence your body weight, only the eating habits and inactivity score high among all. We are all well aware of the fact that an overweight or obese body is susceptible to several health hazards. It is highly imperative that one keeps watch on the eating habits and incorporates certain changes in the diet as well as lifestyle to shed some pounds fast. When you have decided to lose weight, you must set a goal and work towards it. There is a fallacy that the seekers should deprive their body of food to lose weight fast. It is untrue! One can effectively lose weight adopting a few natural weight loss methods that would not yield any health perils. Let us discuss how to shed 20 pounds of body weight fast.

Best strategy to lose weight fast

If you have set your goal as “20 pounds weight loss” in a short period of time, you just require following five simple steps that are basics of many weight loss strategies.

Eat the right foods

It is essential that you have a balanced diet to shed some pounds from the body. Your diet should ideally include all vital nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats and fiber. Include lots of fruits and vegetables that are low in caloric value and high in fiber. All these food items keep your stomach full for a long time and prevent you from binging. The fibrous foods are generally rich in stodgy carbohydrates and they carry along all the wastes and fats when they exit the body. This will greatly minimize the amassing of fats in the body.

Avoid the bad foods

Besides eating healthy foods, you must also avoid fatty foods, sugary foods, processed foods, oily foods, fatty snacks, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages as they are all highly calorific and totally detrimental.

If you are not familiar with the right choices of food but seek a healthy diet seriously, going for a well recognized meal delivery service can help you. Let us consider Nutrisystem, which is a popular meal delivery service.

Nutrisystem highly insists on having 6 meals a day in small portions. Once you sign up for their 28-day meal plan, the diet dishes arrive at your door step in prepackaged condition. All that dieters have to do is reheat the packaged meals in a microwave oven and relish them at appropriate meal times.

Nutrisystem offers diverse menu options. All the meals are nutritionally balanced and low in calories, fats, carbs and sodium as well as glycemic value. The subscribers of Nutrisystem get to enjoy well structured diet plans. They can customize their menu options and diet choosing their favorite dishes. Nutrisystem also recommends additional grocery items which include fresh fruits and vegetables of your choice. This cultivates a good dietary habit among the dieters and enables them intake a whole and healthy diet. Along with dieting, Nutrisystem recommends minimum 30 minutes of exercise daily. Dieters can have a 10 minute exercise session, three times a day. The program ensures that dieters enjoy a wholesome healthier lifestyle and derive an effective weight loss result.

Drink plenty of water

Consumption of good amount of water daily can significantly aid weight loss. Drinking minimum of 8 to 10 glasses a day is ideal which will keep your body hydrated throughout and flush away the toxins. Drinking water also enhances one’s metabolism which results in a greater fat loss. As water is effective in detoxifying your body, the skin looks fresh and soft as a result. Do not take sodas or carbonated beverages in the place of water.

 Work out

If losing 20 pounds is your goal, working out is the best way to augment the process. None of the weight loss or fat loss program can be successful without performing workouts. One can introduce simple exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc into his/her fitness routine to derive quick results. Other forms of exercises that yield best results include cardiovascular and aerobic exercises.


Last but not the least stay motivated throughout your weight loss effort. Always look at and consult people who have been successful in their weight loss endeavor. Track your weight loss progress each day and complement yourself for any smallest achievement you make for the day.

All these simple steps will greatly help you lose 20 pounds and even more if you are disciplined and determined in all your efforts.