How To Lose Love Handles

love-handlesLove handles are not that attractive as they sound. They are generally observed on both sides of the abdomen which are mostly obstinate to get rid of. They are also termed as flabby obliques. We are living in a world that is infatuated with flaunting a toned body. If you have accumulated those unsightly love handles you will feel all the more out of place and deeply concerned with the way you look. Eliminating love handles is a laborious task but with little diligence and effort you can lose love handles positively. You can get rid of love handles only through two proven methods – diet and exercise.

Planning a workout schedule

Firstly you have to decide how you will be handling that problematic region. There are certain specific workouts that target your abdominal muscles in order to shape them. If you are new to exercising, it is suggested that you initiate your exercise regimen that focuses on all parts of your body. This would also elevate your metabolism and enable you burn excess fat. The greater the metabolic activity your body undergoes the greater would be its adaptability to the environmental factors. Therefore incorporate exercises that would offer you overall fitness. Once you attain the stability you can concentrate on specific parts to eliminate the fat and tone them. Let us learn some workouts that are effective in helping you lose love handles.

Floor Cycling

Lie back on the floor in a supine position. Interlock your fingers and hold them behind your head. This would offer good support to your neck and reduces strain simultaneously. Lift your legs and draw them towards your chest bending the knees. Bring your right knee closer to your chest while extending the left leg straight outwards. Touch the right knee with your left elbow by slightly lifting the shoulders. Get back to the initial position and repeat the same cycling action for your left leg and alternate this pedaling action for 15 times for each of your knees. Do not touch the ground at any point.

Trunk Twist

Trunk twist has to be done in a standing position. Stand on your feet and keep your knees at shoulder width apart.  Slightly bend both the knees and take this position firmly. Extend your hands in the front and position them as if you are pushing some object. Now slowly twist your trunk from left to right and then from right to left. Repeat this for desired number of times.

V Up

This is one of the effective workouts to remove fat from the obliques as well as abdominal region. Take a supine position on the floor. Raise your hands up in the air but keep your head straight and unwavering. Gradually raise your shoulders off the floor and simultaneously bring the legs upwards without bending at knees. Try to touch the feet with both your hands and be in this position for a few seconds. Get back to the starting form and repeat this movement for about 10 times.

Ball crunches

Lie back on an exercise ball. Hold your hands at the rear side of your head and keep your thighs parallel to the floor. Raise your torso and crunch your abs on one side. Lie back on the ball. Repeat the movement and crunch on the other side. Perform this crunch 15 times on each side.

Do the above exercises at least on 4 days of a week. Try following a healthy diet regime along with your workout regime to aid fast fat loss. Gradually you will observe gaining a toned body with perfect obliques.