How To Lose Lower Belly Fat


Belly fat is a commonest issue seen around the world. Accumulation of belly fat not only spoils the outwardly look of a person it also brings along with it a lot of health problems. Fat accumulation in the lower belly region does not melt that easily and eliminating it involves a great amount of physical effort, determination and giving up your favorite foods which may be a cause for it. Lower belly fat is observed in both men and women. Men can lose it with less effort than women due to hormones. However with right eating habits and proper workout regimen one can gradually eliminate lower belly fat and sustain the result as well. It is a general observation that belly fat is the first one to grow in your body and the last to go away from you if you have planned for losing weight on the whole.

Lose lower belly fat through dieting

Eliminating lower belly fat and achieving a toned abdomen demand you following a healthy diet routine and appropriate workout regimen.  When you say a healthy diet routine, you must totally avoid buying processed foods and dining at fast food restaurants. These types of foods are prepared for commercial purpose and involve unhealthy trans fat. This is the main cause for the growth of lower belly fat as these trans fats take strong refuge in the lower abdominal region. In order to get rid of lower belly fat, you must transform your eating habits by considering eating only healthy foods.

Avoid eating foods that are high in calories. Eating foods that are protein and fiber rich helps you burning excess fat. Besides, one must also avoid intake of sugary food items and foods that contain more salt. Opting for low sodium food items and snacks is healthy. Intake of more vegetables and fruits is highly encouraged as they keep you satiated because of the high fiber content. This will significantly prevent you from binging.  Above all, cultivate the habit of eating 5 small meals at equal intervals instead of taking 3 large meals.

Recommended workouts for losing lower belly fat

Getting rid of lower belly fat is not possible solely through dieting. You also have to slot in an appropriate workout regimen which has to go hand in hand with your diet routine. As far as the lower belly fat is concerned, one must workout daily for at least 30 minutes to eliminate it effectively.

Some of the popular exercises for melting lower belly fat are crunches, squat exercises, oblique twists, swimming, dancing, jogging, cycling, stepping, box jumps and so on. These workouts specifically target the abdominal region and help you get a shapely waist. Besides, you must also integrate muscle building and strength training exercises which will help you burn fat from the whole body. These exercises also strengthen the muscles in the abdominal region offering you a toned and firm abdomen.

Apart from the above exercises, one can also indulge in cardiovascular workout routine. See to that you perform the different routines on different days. Though it will take a long time to get rid of lower belly fat, adopting a stringent diet and workout routine will help you gradually lose it and attain a perfect shape.