Importance Of Tracking Results During Weight Loss

ku-xlargeWeight loss is not just any ad hoc process, implement today and get the results the next day. it is a time drawn process and you need to keep varying the techniques ultimately choosing to follow the one that suits your lifestyle and habits and also most importantly takes you towards your goal of attaining the desired weight.

While we take all the initial steps to determine our BMI and to what extent we are overweight, we falter to record once we are on with the weight loss program. it is very essential to track the progress on a regular basis. Following are the reasons why you must track your weight loss results

1. Keeping a track of the changes that are happening in your body helps to keep you motivated. If the stats show that you are moving ahead in the right direction, you do not need any further motivational factor to stay on with the weight loss program. You can click selfies on a weekly basis and compare the full sized photos over a period of a month to review your progress. The visible results are definitely going to push you further in the direction of your goals.

2. If you have chalked out an exercise schedule, tracking the results helps you to determine if you are actually losing weight. The upward trend in the graph plotting your rate of weight loss is a clear indicator that you are performing at the right levels of intensity. Suppose the graph flattens, it implies you are reaching a plateau and you need to alter the workout pattern and step up the intensity.

3. Weight loss is a very broad term. It includes water weight loss, muscle loss and fat loss. Your efforts must be aimed at maximizing the fat loss. To know that you are attaining fat loss, get a body fat composition test done regularly. This will help you to check what percentage of fat loss has taken place in comparison to your overall weight loss.

4. A calorie tracker with notes on what and how much you eat serves as the right tool for your weight loss. You can calculate how much calories you are consuming presently and the change in your calorie intake that has been effected as a result of following one of the calorie controlled diet plans. This tracker will help to determine if the diet plan that you are following is bringing about the needed change in you. There is no purpose served after following a diet plan for 3-4 months and then realizing that it is not helping you in any way. If you track your diet and do not find visible results, you can alter the plan such that you start to experience weight loss.

Just as regular monitoring is essential in every activity that is being performed, the results of your weight loss efforts serve as a guiding factor in adopting techniques that will ultimately take you to your weight loss goal.