Tips To Reduce Chemicals In Your Foods

10413414_819347361418891_1908662375918217232_nThe food we eat contains a certain percentage of food additives and preservatives. these chemicals release toxins in our body and lead to many health issues including cancer. the liver which filters the toxins from food gets affected due to continuous ingestion of foods loaded with chemicals. While it is not possible to completely avoid the intake of such chemicals, you can surely reduce their quantum through smart and healthy choices.

Listed below are some ways by which you can reduce the chemical exposure from  the foods we eat

1. Limit the intake of junk foods

The junk foods that you eat are generally high in carbohydrates. there is a higher probability that such foods contain acrylamide, a chemical that affects your nervous system. To increase their shelf life, these packaged junk foods are also loaded with preservatives which are detrimental to health. Hence limit the intake of these foods. in fact it is best to avoid such foods as these also contribute to weight gain.

2. Choose organic produce

It is beneficial to buy fruits and vegetables that are produced organically. The pesticides used on crops are left as residue and most of these seep into the soil, with the result that the fruits and vegetables contain more than the permissible amount of chemicals in them. By choosing agricultural produce which have been grown organically, you can reduce the quantum of chemicals ingested through food.

3. Eat fresh

it is ideal that you cook and eat your meals fresh. storing food over long period of time harbors bacterial growth. the changes brought about by the action of these bacteria releases chemicals into the stored foods.

4. Choose healthy cooking methods

The way you cook foods and the cooking practices adopted determine to a great extent how much of toxicity is there in the foods you ingest. baking, poaching and steaming are cooking methods that do not overload your food with toxins. It is also recommended that the amount of cooking time is reduced to preserve the inherent nutrients in food.

5. Avoid deep fried foods

oils are heated to very high temperatures in order to deep fry the foods. As oil attains very high temperature, the molecules break down as a result of certain chemical reactions. The foods cooked in such oils absorb these chemicals and get into our body system. By avoiding deep fried foods, you can limit the attack of such chemicals.

6. eat less of dairy, meat and fish

The untreated industrial effluents pollute the water and in the process the fish we eat are carriers of the chemicals.  the effluents also seep into land. Animals which drink such water and eat foods grown in such contaminated places are prone to ingesting them. When slaughtered, the contaminated meat gets into our bodies and causes accumulation of toxins.

We are actually being bludgeoned by the chemicals present in foods which are harming us to a great extent. Infact, the chemicals are so potent that they even harm an unborn fetus. To enjoy long life and healthy living, ensure that the foods you eat are chemical free.