Top 5 Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic workouts are the best fat busting exercise that you can do. Aerobic basically means ‘with air’ and this exercise form uses oxygen that we breathe to metabolize body fat into fuel or energy. The exercise form targets large muscle groups as you will notice in the workouts given below.

Here are the top 5 aerobic workouts. They are uncomplicated and the results from these workouts are amazing.

Aerobic Workout – I: Walking

Walking can be done in any open space. To make walking an aerobic workout, walk continuously for 20 minutes. Walk at an easy pace for 5 minutes. Follow this by walking fast for the next five minutes taking longer strides and swinging the arms. The five minutes after this should be spent walking very briskly. Walk the next 2 minutes taking extra short strides. Spend the next two minutes walking very fast and end your walk by walking the last minute at your normal leisurely pace. Add variations to this exercise by carrying weights as you walk, walking backwards or raising the knee to the chest with each step you take.

Aerobic Workout – II: Step Routine

Step routine is like walking up and down. It is a powerful form of aerobic exercise and needs to be done for 20 minutes. Use a step bench and step up and down on it for 5 minutes at an easy pace. Increase the intensity for the next 5 minutes while continuing with the same routine. You will include a variation to the routine for the next 10 minutes by including leg kicks. What you would do here is bringing the left leg up, followed by the right leg and then kicking the leg in the air. Get down from the stepper and repeat the same step with the other leg.

Aerobic Workout – III: Skip the Rope

Skipping can burn calories quickly, if you can continue a routine for 30 minutes. Start by skipping for a minute at a leisurely pace. Immediately switch to skipping fast, pushing yourself to skip very fast for the next 60 seconds. Slow down the tempo while still keeping it rapid. You then alternate your skipping taking turns to skip at a leisurely pace for 60 seconds and fast for the following 60 seconds. Do this till you complete 20 minutes.

Aerobic Workout – IV: Dance

Dancing is something that everyone enjoys. So put on some of your favorite music and begin moving to the tune. You are at liberty to do what you want here. Dance for 30 minutes, follow your own style but keep moving all the time. The more varied your moves are the better the workout would be.

Aerobic Workout – V: Sports

This is another delightful activity that can be turned out into a powerful aerobic workout. Play a sport of your choice. It could be anything – soccer, tennis, basketball, rugby, table tennis. Playing a sport is powerful like any other planned workout that is designed to be an exercise form. Sport can be enjoyed and it works as a calorie burner for you.

Take your pick from any of the aerobic activities mentioned here and see how fast you begin to shed excess flab.