5 Suggestions To Stay Healthy While Traveling By Air

86145957If you are a frequent flier, you must have thought about simple ways of staying healthy while traveling by air. Experts and health professionals have come up with major suggestions with regard to staying healthy on long flights. Some of these suggestions are listed below.

You should endeavor to move as much as possible

Regular movement is the key towards staying healthy while traveling by air. You should ideally perform some light stretching and yoga moves on a mat before you board the plane. You should keep blood circulation levels normal while flying and you should stretch your thighs and arms as much as possible during the journey. Try walking the full length of the cabin area if it is possible and this will help you avoid DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis which is an ailment commonly faced by travelers. Stand up every once in a while and stretch your entire body.

Always eat nicely on flights

You should ideally keep away from the regular food doled out by airlines in most cases. Some healthy options include Quinoa salads which are filling and contain adequate amounts of vitamins and protein to keep you nourished throughout long flights. You should go for meals that contain vegetables like cucumbers and carrots along with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. You can carry hemp seeds mixed with some Omega 3 powder for a fabulous health fix. You can also order snacking options like rice cakes, flax crackers, bananas, almond butter and nuts if they are available. You should also carry some protein powder if there is a huge delay between flights. Chia seeds are another option that you can try out while travelling by air.

Always remain hydrated while traveling by air

Proper hydration is very essential especially if you are traveling long distances. The best solution would be to carry coconut water or some juice along. Always consume enough water and fluids before joining the queue at the security check counter. Alongside, refrain from alcohol, tea and coffee as these are dehydrating elements. Drinking plenty of water is a must while traveling by air.

Try boosting the immune system

Keeping your immune system strong is very essential if you want to stay healthy while traveling by air. You should make sure that your collar bone and neck are properly covered. You can also keep a lemon handy in your traveling bag and squeeze the same into water. This will give you a much needed vitamin C boost while traveling.

Proper relaxation is essential for good health

While on board, try to relax as much as possible. Keep your natural body clock alive and try to destress with some light music and on board entertainment. Do away with all your daily worries and anxiety and ease yourself into a comfortable seating position. Relaxation is crucial for maintaining good health while traveling by air.

These simple suggestions will help you stay healthy even while traveling by air.