Diet Suggestions For People With Chronic Constipation

pg-foods-that-help-relieve-constipation-01-fullChronic constipation is a major problem for many individuals. Many of us suffer from this problem on a daily and recurring basis. Chronic constipation can be very problematic due to many reasons. Constipation brings with it chronic discomfort, bloating and gas related problems. As a result, experts put down constipation down to the outcome of several things together. The best possible solution in this case relates to changing your diet plan. Changes in your daily diet can bring about fabulous results for you.

You have to focus on consuming fiber to the tune of at least twenty five or thirty grams each day. This stipulated amount of fiber will keep your gastrointestinal system in top order and you should back it up by consuming lots of water too. Proper consumption of fiber and water will help you improve your overall digestion. This necessitates proper consumption of up to 64 ounces of water on a regular basis. This will go a long way towards combating constipation. Alongside, there are several foods that will help you combat constipation successfully as well.


Prunes are a very effective remedy for constipation related to problems and you can also consume prune juice for relief from constipation. Prunes contain fiber which is insoluble and this acts as a natural laxative of sorts through sorbitol content. This will relieve you for sure and you should try to consume pitted and dried plums which lead to bowel movements that are spontaneous and effective.


Beans are rich in fiber and will provide you about ten grams of fiber for each cup you consume. This is one of the richest fiber sources and the mixture of insoluble and soluble fiber content in beans will help you regulate intestinal movements to perfection. You can try black eyed peas, baked beans, lima beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans or even pinto beans depending upon their availability at different times of the year. Try to add beans to your daily soups, pasta or other meals.


This is a great remedy for combating chronic constipation. A medium piece of Kiwi fruit contains fiber to the tune of 2.5 grams and it also comes with essential nutrients and vitamins for better health and wellness overall. Edible Kiwi seeds and the peel can also be consumed for great results.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is a better option along with whole grain cereals and bread items. These provide plenty of fiber which is effective with regard to stimulating better bowel movements. Alongside, researchers and experts are unanimous about the effectiveness of rye bread as compared to its counterparts with regard to relieving constipation. Dietary fiber is provided through the arabinoxylan component and this keeps your intestines in top order.


Pears also contain fabulous amounts of dietary fiber and you should consume the maximum fiber through the skin of this wonder fruit. Five to six grams of dietary fiber is ensured through the consumption of pears and this is bound to give your digestive system a boost of sorts.