Does Eating Fast Foods Make You Lethargic?

dreamstime_l_26338541Most of us take to fast foods like bees to honey. The reason for the tremendous popularity of fast food restaurants can be explained by the fact that fast foods are tastier and more convenient. These meals are ready to eat, easy to prepare and extremely affordable which is why millions of Americans have chosen them over home cooked meals. Eating is meant to give your body the energy it needs to carry out regular bodily functions.

When you feel lethargy or tiredness shortly after eating, it is not desirable and it is important to find out the reasons that could be causing such fatigue. Doctors may test you for food allergies. You are also likely to feel tired when you consume foods that are hard to digest or foods that are very rich in sugar. Foods which may be hard to digest will force your body to work more to improve blood flow to the stomach for better digestion. Fast foods are essentially quick foods that are definitely tastier than regular home cooked meals but not necessarily healthier.

Why does fast food cause lethargy?

  • Fast foods are easily prepared but not cooked properly. They end up offering many empty calories which can cause a reasonable amount of discomfort. Trans fats are found in fast foods like French fries or onion rings, French toast sticks or jalapeno peppers. Saturated fats are found in dark meats, bacon and beefs, hams and sausages and also in butter, eggs and cheese which are common ingredients of fast food meals. Saturated fats are very hard to digest and your body will need more oxygen and blood supplies to the digestive system. This takes the oxygen and blood from other muscles and organs causing increased fatigue.
  • The refined flour which is used for preparing the pancakes and hamburger buns are composed of simple carbs which are easily converted into glucose. This spikes glucose levels in the blood; this leads to a sudden energy burst but this is inevitably followed by tremendous fatigue.
  • Refined sugar commonly used in fast foods like cookies and ice creams, waffles, doughnuts and pies are made using refined sugar. The refined sugar in such foods also causes sudden glucose spikes and falls which are responsible for lethargy.
  • Many types of fast foods contain ingredients that are responsible for triggering allergic reactions. A common cause for lethargy may be the body’s allergic reaction to such ingredients. For instance wheat which is used in making refined flour may cause fatigue. Other allergens are dairy products, soy and eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

These facts prove that fast foods may definitely lead to lethargy in otherwise healthy individuals. Fast foods should be allowed to form only a very minimal portion of a healthy and well balanced diet plan. Fast foods are invariably rich in sugar, salt and trans fats and may cause a wide range of health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis and even lethargy. They do not contain nutrients which are needed for optimal health conditions; this is why people consuming excess fast foods end up feeling extremely tired and lethargic. Since junk foods rarely have lean proteins and complex carbs, the blood glucose levels tend to crash soon after eating. This causes tiredness, sugar cravings and extreme fatigue.