Green Coffee Extract: Can It Eliminate Stubborn Fat?

HealthFoodPost_Green_Coffee_Cup-273x300Amongst the many products that are known to aid weight loss efforts coffee bean extract is quite highly rated by users. When coffee is made in the coffee maker, roasted and ground beans are used, but when coffee beans are not roasted, they are called green coffee beans. If you can soak these beans in distilled water, you can obtain an extract which is very rich in chlorogenic acid and antioxidants. When coffee beans are roasted, the level of chlorogenic acid in them is reduced.

How does coffee bean extract help you lose weight?

  • The chlorogenic acid helps one lose weight because the body struggles to absorb glucose in the blood stream. This means that blood glucose cannot be conveniently converted into fat. The chlorogenic acid allows your body to burn fat to get energy. This automatically eliminates the stubborn fat. The acid is also known to have many positive health benefits like weight loss, prevention of diabetes and heart ailments. For instance, green coffee beans can lower your blood pressure when you are suffering from high blood pressure conditions. For weight loss, the acid in these green coffee beans can regulate the body’s capacity to handle metabolism and glucose levels.
  • Among the various weight loss foods that are popular nowadays, green coffee extract helps not only to reduce fat but also maintains optimal health. This extract is extremely high in antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties. Apart from chlorogenic acid, green coffee bean extract also contains many other beneficial components such as quinides, trigonelline and llignans that help to enhance glucose metabolism in the body.
  • Moreover, green coffee bean extract also curtails the accumulation of visceral fat in your body. This fat typically gets deposited in the abdominal areas and in regions surrounding primary organs like the heart, pancreas, liver and kidneys. When you have excess body fat, you are more susceptible to cardiovascular ailments, cancers and diabetes.
  • Green coffee beans enable the liver to generate more bile, which in turn helps you lose stubborn body fats and improves metabolism. The chlorogenic acid does not get absorbed in the plasma once it is ingested. It impedes fat absorption from foods that you consume. The caffeine present in the beans release fatty acids and the chlorogenic acid helps the liver to process these fatty acids. This combined effect helps you to lose weight.
  • Coffee beans which are not roasted can also help to reduce hunger cravings, so the green coffee bean extract basically works like an appetite suppressant. This automatically lowers the daily calorie intake and helps to burn more calories.
  • Green coffee beans boost metabolism and since the green beans are not roasted and lack cafestol, they do not spike the LDL cholesterol levels.

These advantages prove that the green coffee beans extract is highly useful for promoting weight loss and getting rid of stubborn body fat. This extract can also help your body to regenerate vitamins, lowers the harmful effects of toxins, and suppresses oxidation of bad cholesterol that prevents coronary diseases.