High Intensity Interval Training

Gym man push-up strength pushup exercise with dumbbellInterval training is greatly followed by athletes and individuals who seek good stamina and endurance. Workouts that are performed by interspersing the high intensity workouts and low intensity workouts are termed as interval training workouts. To put it simple, it just involves performing a high intensity workout followed with a low intensity workout. Previously, only athletes used to indulge in interval training to gain stamina and boost the endurance levels. Currently, even an ordinary exerciser aspires to take on interval training workouts to take his fitness to the next level. Let us focus on high intensity interval training and its benefits.

Treadmill workouts

The exerciser should begin with 1 minute bursts of high intensity training at the start. Treadmill should be set to zero incline and the level has to be fixed at 5 mph. Experienced individuals can elevate the bar by pointing the speed to 10 mph. After completing the one minute session, the intensity has to be minimized for about 2 minutes immediately after the session. During this 2 minute session, the speed is set at 2.5 mph which becomes easy compared to the earlier session. After this the exerciser should get back to 1 minute workout and 5 to 8 reps are recommended to complete the whole interval training workout.

Workouts for beginners

Intensity of interval training is slowly raised for beginners. If you are a beginner, you must understand how strenuous and demanding the activity would be. Beginners should first realize their limits of workouts and increase the intensity gradually in a steady pace. Usually the intensity of workout is computed through a method called Rate of Perceived Exertion or RPE. The scale of this measure ranges from 1 to 10. The scale 1 or RPE level 1 is measured as the easiest range. Beginners should strive to reach the RPE level ranging from 6 to 7. The experienced or highly fit individuals can reach up to 9 or 10. Both beginners and experienced should perform a warming up exercise prior to taking a high intensity workout.

Workouts for athletic endurance

This workout is suggested for sport conditioning. This will offer strength and endurance to athletes to take over the sport activity with confidence. The workout starts with a warm up session that lasts for about 3 to 5 minutes. The warm up session involves ideally a slow jogging workout. Following this a high intensity workout is performed which is again followed by a low intensity workout. Both the high as well as low intensity workouts should last for about 2 minutes respectively. Thirdly, a combination of high and low intensity workouts should be performed for 30 seconds. This completes one cycle of high intensity interval workout. The cycle should be replicated for four times.

The next step would be a test to check your stamina. The step involves sprinting 60 yards followed with the resting period of 90 seconds. The workout pattern should be repeated for about 6 to 8 times. The sport conditioning workout finally should end with a cooling down workout session lasting for about 3 to 5 minutes.

The other types of high interval training workouts include swimming, rowing, outdoor or indoor cycling, pushups, tricep extensions and so on.