Main Causes Of Belly Fat

main causeAbdominal fat or belly fat is the most common type of obesity observed wide across the world. It is also termed as visceral fat which lay deep inside the abdomen and it is extremely difficult to get rid of it.  Amassing of belly fat occurs due to various factors like over eating, stress, genetics, menopause and so on. This grows even bigger and leads to many health risks if one does not incorporate a healthy eating and exercise routine in his or her lifestyle. Belly fat is not gender specific and it affects both men and women equally. Let us learn in detail the main causes of belly fat.

Reasons for belly fat

Major reasons of belly fat are improper digestion, genetics, stress, slow metabolic rate, lack of activity, unhealthy eating, menopause, alcoholism and so on.

Improper digestion: Binging and improper digestion will bring in about a great deal of gastrointestinal disorders. Eating at late hours can lead to improper digestion and cause your stomach to bloat. After eating, one must engage in a mini workout to aid easy digestion. Getting to bed immediately after a meal will lead to indigestion.

Genetics: People develop two types of body apple shaped body and pear shaped body. When you accumulate fat in the lower body parts it is conceived as pear shaped body. Amassing fat in the belly and midsection is normally identified as apple shaped body. Most of the people are seen with apple shaped body. If either your father or mother has an apple shaped body you also have the higher chance of developing an apple shaped body.

Stress: Several studies say that one can gain abdominal obesity due to stress. When you are stressed, the cortisol hormone is released which triggers the fat reserve around the belly. At the same time, stress also makes you binge which results in excess fat accumulation.

Slow metabolism: Reduced metabolism rate is majorly responsible for fat accumulation in the body. This lets you burn only a less amount of calories which results in belly fat accumulation. Incorporating a good workout and eating routine will help you elevate the metabolism and prevent fat accumulation.

Lack of activity: It is a known fact that you will put on weight if there is no physical activity. You need to involve in some sort of physical activity equivalent to what you intake. If you lack in activity and eat more you will end up only in gaining more weight.

Unhealthy eating: People develop the tendency of eating at fast food restaurants. They normally end up eating fatty foods and accumulate body fat. Most of them lead a sedentary lifestyle are endowed with deskbound jobs. This makes them totally lead a physically inactive life which causes belly fat.

Alcoholism: Alcohol consumption will contribute more calories to your body. As a result, you will develop abdominal obesity at a faster rate.

Menopause: Women tend to gain fat around the abdomen when they are in the menopause stage. This is mainly due to hormonal changes that occur in the body during that stage.