Tips To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle At The Same Time

gym trainingLosing weight is a priority and there are many techniques to losing weight. However in the process of losing the fat, we also lose muscle. Our goal to weight loss should be aimed at techniques that promote fat loss without losing muscle.

Here are some tips where you can lose weight and at the same time gain muscle

1. Include weight training in your workouts

By including weight training in your workout schedule, you can build and bulk up your muscles. Higher quantum of muscle burns off more calories, thus helping you to lose weight in the process. Make use of free weights, dumbbells or kettlebells. Performing weight training also boosts your resting metabolism and there is a continuous burning of calories.

2. Include protein in your diet

Protein contains amino acids which form the building blocks of our body. Protein also helps to build muscle. Protein takes a longer time to breakdown and this expends energy which will help with weight loss. Thus by including a comparatively high quantum of protein in your diet, you enjoy the dual benefit of losing weight and gaining muscle. Include fish, eggs, beans, lean beef and chicken in your diet.

3. Lower your carb intake

Lowering the carb intake helps to create calorie deficit and promotes weight loss. The calorie deficit causes withdrawal of the accumulated fat stores, thus converting them to energy and helping to lose weight in the process. At the same time, eating carbs helps to absorb protein which helps to build lean muscle. Avoid simple carbs and choose complex carbs.

4. Balance your calories

A lot depends on the quantum of your calorie intake. Too high a calorie intake will cause a weight gain and a very low calorie diet will not help to build lean muscle. So adjust your calories such that you do not go overboard but meet the minimum calorie requirements. A drastic cut in your calorie intake will at the most permit water weight loss than actual fat loss.

5. Perform resistance training

Resistance training helps to build muscle strength while losing weight. Make use of resistance bands but be cautious against over exerting. The key to building muscle is through repetitions.

6. Perform HIIT cardio

Cardio promotes fat burning. Compared to stead state cardio, high intensity cardio at intervals boosts fat loss while helping to preserve muscle. So, if you want to experience weight loss and muscle gain simultaneously, include HIIT cardio training.

7. Get good sleep

Those who are sleep deprived experience less fat loss. Sleep deprivation has been proved to cause muscle loss. So, aim to get a good night’s sleep every day. An average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep every day. If weight loss is your goal, do not skimp on your sleep.

While it may sound difficult, losing weight and building muscle at the same time, it is not impossible. However it calls for efforts on your part and it does take some time to be able to build muscle while losing fat the same time.