Top 5 Ab Workouts For Ab Toning

Abs is the sexiest part of a well-built body. Washboard abs is the fantasy of every fitness enthusiast. It  makes a body look attractive. It also plays an important part in an athlete or body builder’s regimen. A strong pack of abs helps maintain the health of the spine through all the exertions and heavy lifting that athletes go through. So having a strong, sculpted and attractive sip-pack abs is a win -win from all sides. The following are the 5 best ab workouts that you can follow to get perfectly toned abs.

Vertical leg raises

This particular workout is very helpful for toning lower abs and obliques. It also targets other ab muscles and works on overall ab building. The best way to carry this workout out is to sit lie on a captain’s chair and let your legs dangle. Lie down on the chair, with arms kept horizontal to the arm rests. Then fold your knees and bring them up to your chest, and hold tightly, flexing your ab muscles. Bring your legs back down to your natural position and then repeat. The important thing to remember is not to rest your legs for long in between reps. You should feel the pull in your lower abdomen.

Bicycle crunches

To do this you need to lie down on a mat with your hands tucked under your head. Pull your torso up using abdominal strength as in ordinary crunches. Now pull up your knee to the elbow and peddle like in a bicycle. Try touching the knees to the opposite elbows while you peddle, to flex your abs more. Make sure you do not lift your head with your hands instead of using your abdominal muscles.

Ab wheels

This is a core building exercise that hits all the right spots. Kneel on the mat with your elbows outstretched, holding the wheel. You are practically on all fours while doing this, with just the placement of your hands differing (on the wheel instead of floor). Now push the wheel back as far as is comfortable, and bring it back to the normal position just using your abdominal strength. This is excellent core training for your abs. but you should be cautious with this workout if you have a lower back condition.

Flutter kicks

This workout is the most tiring ab workout of all, and you can never set a particular number of reps for this. You need to push your boundaries and give complete fatigue to your muscles with every increase. For this workout, you need to place your hands below your gluts and push your legs up. Legs should be held straight up, lifted off the ground. Lift one leg higher while tilting the other leg back for the time, and then repeat with the other.

Clothe spins

This workout gives you flexibility along with core strength. For this you need to lie down with your hands to the side. Then you need to lift you upper body off the floor as well as raise both your legs. Your hands should stretch towards your ankle, leaving only your lower back on the floor. Hold and release. This workout is excellent for overall ab sculpting.

If you follow these workout tips, you can also have washboard abs in no time.