Top 5 Weight Loss Exercise To Do at Home

Home Exercise

All of us want to have a perfect figure so as to gain importance in the current showy world. Fitness industry is coming out with innovations and attaining an hour glass figure is not confined to models, you also can achieve it with determination and persistence. It is not necessary that you require an enrollment in a gym to achieve your dream figure. With simple home workouts you can stay fit and grow slim effectively. Besides you also have fad diets topping the fitness market claiming to offer fast weight loss results. Have it in mind that these are not healthy options to lose weight. To lose weight in a healthy manner, you need to incorporate an all inclusive workout routine and a healthy diet regime in your lifestyle.

Guidelines to perform workouts at home

If you have decided to lose weight purely doing home workouts you have to follow certain guidelines to make your regime healthy.

  • Consult your physician and know the body parts that you have to work on. This will help you choose the appropriate exercises.
  • Start the workout with a slow pace and increase the intensity gradually only after gaining complete acquaintance.
  • Choose an airy environment for working out.
  • Follow a healthy and proven diet regime along with your workouts.
  • Do the workouts in a proper manner and do not rush to complete the routine which might lead to injuries.
  • Breathe uniformly throughout your workout routine.

Let us now focus on the workout part and learn some effective home workouts for weight loss.

Home cardio workouts

Performing indoor cardio workouts like dancing, skipping and static jogging helps you burn a good amount of calories and aid in weight loss. These exercises also greatly help you gain stamina and increase endurance. Dance workouts are ideal to be done in the evening. You can dance according to your favorite music beats at least for 30 minutes daily. Skipping is an ideal workout if you have an ample space to perform it. It offers a total body workout; you can start with minimum number and increase the count gradually. Static jogging can be done at any area of your house. If preferred you can turn on music to beat the boredom.

Stretching workouts

Stretching workouts are essential if you have incorporated some cardio workouts in your exercise routine. Stretching workouts are recommended to perform right after the completion of cardio workouts. Stretching exercises help you lose weight in precise body parts. The most prominent ones are meant for losing love handles, toning back muscles and waist.

Losing love handles – Lie supine on the floor with the legs stretched out. Raise the body without folding the legs/knees. Repeat this for 20 times.

Toning back muscles – Lie on your stomach keeping your hands aside. Slowly raise the chest and look upwards. Maintain the position for sometime which will strengthen the back muscles.

Waist – Hold some weights like 500ml filled water bottles on each of your hand. Bend on either side alternately stressing your waist on each side. Repeat this for 15 times on each side.


Crunches can be performed indoor to tone your abdominal muscles. You can perform crunches on the floor or using exercise balls. Performing both diagonal and oblique crunches will help your achieve toned abs.


This is a fun workout and would involve you highly in performing it. It is not necessary that you have to be a professional dancer to take on this workout. There are dance fitness videos available as CDs. You can follow the movements instructed and try to extend the workout till you sweat a lot.

Climbing stairs

This is one natural activity of your day to day life. Besides using stairs for your personal tasks, you can allocate specific time for doing this as a workout. Climbing up and down for about 4 to 5 times will help you burn a greater amount of calories.